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Resin Frangipani

Resin Frangipani

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High-quality Greek incense scented with frangipani from Mount Athos, packaged in a 35g container. This granular incense is fragrant, meticulously crafted, and produced in Greece, with direct importation.

Additional information: The mention of Greek incense indicates that this product originates from Greece, specifically from the revered region of Mount Athos. Mount Athos, also known as the Holy Mountain, is a monastic state located in northeastern Greece, renowned for its spiritual significance and centuries-old monastic traditions.

The particular fragrance of this incense is inspired by the delightful scent of frangipani flowers. Frangipani, also known as plumeria, is a tropical flower known for its sweet and intoxicating aroma. The use of frangipani as a scent in this incense adds a touch of exotic and enchanting fragrance to the blend.

The incense comes in a convenient 35g package, making it easy to handle and use. It is in granular form, allowing for versatile application methods. Whether used for religious ceremonies, meditation practices, or simply to create a pleasant atmosphere, this incense is designed to release its captivating fragrance when burned.

The incense is meticulously crafted and produced in Greece, ensuring a high standard of quality. The direct importation suggests that this product is sourced directly from Greece, allowing enthusiasts around the world to experience the authentic aroma of Mount Athos in their own homes or sacred spaces.

Overall, this Greek incense scented with frangipani offers a unique olfactory experience, transporting individuals to the tranquil and spiritual ambiance of Mount Athos, while adding a touch of exoticism to their surroundings.


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